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Vitalis Prima, the diet of breeders and fry

Skretting's new nutritional solution, meets the needs of farmers

Launched globally, Vitalis Prima is Skretting's new marine breeder nutritional solution that supports spawning and fry health. The product that replaces Vitalis Cal, incorporates some of the latest technologies from cutting-edge nutritional research, and from diverse inputs from farmers. It is the company's latest nutritional solution, the result of over 25 years of developing breeding feeds.

Using in-house expertise, collaborative trials and studies, Skretting optimized the diet for a range of marine species, including amberjack, turbot, cobia, sea bass and sea bream. At the same time, discussions were opened with many hatchery breeders and managers about what additional aspects they would like to improve in the diet. "In addition to a better survival of the fry thanks to the improvement of the vitality of the embryos, the farmers demanded nutritional solutions that were more suitable for the recirculation systems of the plants and a greater palatability of the feed, as the breeders often stop feeding during the laying eggs, ”says Eamonn O'Brien , the company's product manager.

Five key attributes are included in Vitalis Prima: increased fry survival due to improved embryo vitality, suitability for recirculating aquaculture systems (Ras), more palatable feed for spawners when feeding slows down during spawning , better appearance of the breeders thanks to the addition of a mixture of seaweed, inclusion of algae oil for sustainability and stability.

The new product is closely aligned with the company's other Vitalis diets: "Clean" for lumpfish, "2.5" for shrimp and "Repro" which is offered to marine fish outside the spawning window to maintain their optimal conditions during laying. "We are very excited about the long-term benefits this will bring to marine breeders around the world," said Julio Docando-Valencia , the Group's fish health diets manager for southern Europe.

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