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Olitalia wins abroad with product innovation

Angelo Cremonini, the company's President, reveals the future objectives of the brand

Olitalia, one of the major five oil producers in Italy, present at the Anuga 2017, the biggest food fair in Cologne. Angelo Cremonini, president of Olitalia, in this exclusive interview, speak abouth the brand’s expansions abroad, actually present in more then 120 countries with a volume of exports duty of 40%. “Over the next three years, we want to overtaking, and to reach more than 50% of exports, and to conquer news markets like North America and Europe. Olitalia is a consolidated brand, that invest on innovation as a winning card to play on foreig markets. “We want to invest in innovative products dedicated to specific use, like a selection of extra-virgin oils for meat, fish and pasta. We can answer to the current needs, only with innovation”.

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