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Observatory of Nescafé Dolce Gusto

87% of Italians want to drink a "personalized" coffee at home

Nescafé Dolce Gusto presents the results of a new coffee observatory, which reveals the needs, behaviors and preferences of the peninsula, telling an Italian generation of coffee lovers who want to drink this drink at home in a completely customized way based on everyone's tastes and preferences.

The study shows that among the absolutely essential priorities at home there are the availability of different drinks and types of coffee in first place (52%), in the second the automatic dispensing of different lengths (50%), in the third the possibility of regulating the intensity (34%) and on the fourth the temperature (32%). In terms of coffee length, more than half of Italians (51%) prefer a short coffee, followed at a long distance (24%) by the antithetical long coffee, while the restretto counts 12% of the preferences and the large cup Xl l ' 8%. On the other hand, analyzing the needs in terms of temperature, 70% want a hot coffee at home, while 25% even love it hot. Italy is a country that loves tradition and although the combinations of flavors are appreciable, the classic espresso remains in the heart and at the top of the ranking of the favorite types of coffee of Italians in the home (58%), followed by macchiato ( 17%).

According to the survey, people who define themselves as habitual (19%) also love to experiment, exploring the possibility of varying (53%) by alternating tastes, while for those who love change (28%) there is not just one type of coffee, but during the day (68%) the inspiration for one flavor instead of another changes, and sipping different tastes is also a matter of company (44%), mood (33%) and seasonality (20%) . When Italians are inspired to try something different from their usual favorite coffee, the main choice falls on mocaccino / mocha (42%), followed by cappuccino (40%), a delicious espresso with chocolate (39%) and with caramel ( 34%). In addition to flavors, the new needs bring out the desire to taste other capsule preparations, such as cappuccino (35%), chocolate (31%) and tea (17%) that guide people's choices when it comes to capsule drinks.

In a context in which so many daily habits have changed, a habit is confirmed: coffee is the king of awakening, attesting breakfast (45%) as the time of day in which more cups of this drink are consumed. 22%, on the other hand, always find the perfect opportunity to enjoy a break or a refill with a coffee at any time of the day, while 16% do so during the timeless moments after lunch and classic breaks (16%). Coffee has always played a role of strong conviviality during meetings with friends and relatives, and it is precisely in these moments that the many facets of how Italians love to drink coffee emerge: they do not necessarily share the same tastes on the type and way of tasting it: in addition to an agreement that balances espresso and other coffees (36%), 21% tend to choose completely different flavors, so much so that 83% would like to be able to satisfy specific needs with an ingenious solution capable of personalizing drinks and making everyone happy.

In this context, Nescafé Dolce Gusto has developed the machine ready to please all Italians, the new Genio S, a range consisting of three automatic machines (Genio S, Genio S Plus, Genio S Touch) which, in a crescendo of technology and functionality, allows you to customize the preparation of coffee by being able to choose length, intensity and temperature (see EFA News article of 20-10-20 ).

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