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E-commerce, Caffè Milani goes on Alibaba

BtoB platform connects 18 million buyers in 190 countries

From next January, Caffè Milani makes its entrance on Alibaba, the largest e-commerce in the world, which with its BtoB platform connects 18 million buyers in 190 countries. A step made necessary by the lack of trade fairs and events worldwide, and by the desire to launch new commercial exchanges, within which the Chinese platform is the first in the world, with a turnover in fiscal year 2020 of one trillion dollars.

"We decided to join Alibaba because we want to make our reality and our products known to a BtoB market with buyers who are attentive to quality and interested in concepts of exclusivity, customization and Made in Italy, which our company can offer" - declares Pierluigi Milani, owner of the Torrefazione di Lipomo (Como, in Lombardia Region).

On platform it will have its own website with the company history, its production and products divided into 5 macro-areas: Coffee beans (blends), Ground coffee (single origins and blends), Coffee in Nespresso compatible capsules (single origins and blends), Coffee in Espresso System Milani capsules (single origins and blends), Pods (single origins and blends).

Meanwhile, the coffee market in East Asia is growing, despite the difficulties related to Covid. The three largest markets, South Korea, China and Japan recorded growth of 8.3%, 2.9% and 2.3% respectively (Allegra-2020 figure). Today China is in 17th place among coffee consuming countries and in the last 10 years it has grown by an average of 16%, compared to 2% worldwide (Ico figure). The driving force is above all young people accustomed to traveling who, returning from their studies or business trips abroad, bring with them the new habit of drinking coffee at the bar; a custom that is spreading in the middle class.

In the world of coffee in Eastern countries, made in Italy is particularly sought after and the choice falls on brands with a strong tradition, reliability and product quality such as Caffè Milani, which saw the opening of the first stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Caffè Milani shops chain and soon that of Giovanni Pina's cake shops, in which the protagonists of the café are the products of the Lipomo roasting company.

As always at the forefront, Caffè Milani has opened a new chapter of its commercial strategy dedicated to China, which it follows with the attention and agility required by the largest growing market in the world.

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