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Foodtech: Deliveristo closes a 4.5 million Euro round

Agreement with United Ventures to digitally connect suppliers and restaurateurs

Siamo una grande famiglia innamorata del buon cibo. La nostra ricetta? Valorizzare la filiera agricola italiana e attenzione all'ambiente. Scopri il nostro impegnoSiamo una grande famiglia innamorata del buon cibo. La nostra ricetta? Valorizzare la filiera agricola italiana e attenzione all'ambiente. Scopri il nostro impegnoAdvertisement

Deliveristo, the company that connects Italian producers and distributors with the world of restaurateurs through a virtual market, has closed a Series A investment round of 4.5 million euros with United Ventures Sgr SpA, an Italian fund venture capital specializing in digital technologies. The equity investment completes the operation started by the company in July 2020 with a pool of other investors, including Iag, Gellify, Doorway, Seven - Angelomario Moratti , Metrica - Michele Novelli .

Founded in 2017 in Milan, the company has developed an online B2B delivery platform that makes it possible to simplify the supply of horeca operators through digital purchase, directly from producers and distributors. The investment round is aimed at supporting the technological strengthening of the proprietary platform and the expansion of the organizational structure, in order to favor the geographical expansion of the business at national and European level. Deliveristo adopts a drop-shipping approach (without warehouse) that allows flexible and economically advantageous logistics management, as well as the possibility for restaurateurs to find all types of products with a potentially infinite catalog range and a single billing point. The platform, based on a cloud infrastructure, currently has over 300 suppliers and 15,000 registered products. Thanks to the many types of products available, the system is able to reach both modern and traditional restaurants, but also works with shops and dark kitchens, particularly prone to the digitalization of food supply procurement processes.

The food tech sector continues to be one of the most active in terms of venture capital investments at a European and global level. The reference global market (online food delivery) is booming, with a growth rate of 11.5%, and an estimated value for 2023 of 154.3 billion dollars. Ivan Aimo, CEO of the company, commented: “Food is one of the beating hearts of our country and we cannot afford to be left behind. The entry of United Ventures represents an important moment of growth for us, the understanding on the vision has been aligned from the first day and we are sure that it can be the added value necessary to achieve the ambitious objectives that the company has set itself " .

Paolo Gesess, managing partner of United Ventures, commented: “While the B2C food delivery market is dominated by large players with a well-established positioning, the B2B segment is still to be completely digitized. Thanks to an ambitious and technically experienced team, and a lean and extremely scalable SaaS-driven and drop-shipping business model, we believe that Deliveristo has great potential to emerge in the competitive landscape and become the reference platform for producers and restaurateurs who intend digitize their businesses. The food supply chain has been hit very hard by the pandemic, but in recent months it has shown great resilience, creativity, and a drive for technological innovation, which, we are convinced, will play a fundamental role in the relaunch of the sector and social and social recovery. economy of the country".

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