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Cibus 2021: towards the new dates

Choice between mid-June or early September

A record budget is ready for the incoming top buyers

Confirmed the XXth edition of Cibus 2021 (International Food Exhibition), which will be the first fair of the year totally and exclusively dedicated to Italian agri-food products. The unpredictability of the pandemic prompted Fiere di Parma and Federalimentare to consider moving forward the opening date of Cibus2021, initially scheduled for May 4th.

To fix the new date, two surveys were launched, already at the end of 2020: one on a representative sample of exhibitors from all food sectors, the other on a panel of 1,500 national and foreign buyers from all geographies of reference. Two possibilities are emerging: to open Cibus in the third week of June, before Vinitaly, or in early September, before the "Salone del Mobile". The final choice will naturally have to take into account the progress of the pandemic and the vaccination campaign. Fiere di Parma and Federalimentare, in agreement with Ice-Agency and the main players in the agri-food chain, hope to be able to fix the final date shortly.

95% of the three thousand companies that had booked their stand for Cibus 2020, which was later canceled, have already confirmed their presence. A positive response is also coming from foreign buyers, so much so that an unprecedented budget of over 3 million euros is expected to encourage incoming. The challenge is to cross the progressive productive and commercial recovery in Italy and in the world.

Cibus 2021 will be a physics fair, to present new products and to allow the international community to return to the territory, to visit the flagship companies of Italian food and beverage. But the event will also capitalize on the matching generated in recent months by the MyBusinessCibus online platform and by the contents developed in a phigital and digital environment by Cibus Forum and Cibus Lab, a portal on which new workshops will be organized throughout 2021 with the participation of companies. and domestic and foreign buyers.

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