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The beer goes into bars of soap

From Brussels the soaps based on Leffe, Duvel, Trappist Rochefort and Chimay Bleue

In Belgium, France and Germany they are becoming a very "must have" among cosmetics and household items enthusiasts and for a few days they are also available in Italy: these are the beer soaps of La Beer Epoque, an artisan soap factory founded in the heart of Brussels by the entrepreneur Amy Lam, who in full lockdown decided to combine two great Belgian craft traditions in an unprecedented combination of beer and soaps. The soap recipes contain up to 40% beer, selected from strictly “made in Belgium” labels, which give different properties to each product line: Leffe, Duvel, Trappist Rochefort, Chimay Bleue and others.

The mixture of hops, yeast, mineral salts and amino acids contained in the beer gives the soaps moisturizing, nourishing, exfoliating and purifying properties, ideal for skin and hair care. Specifically, the natural extracts of hops have particular antimicrobial, astringent, tonic and soothing effects, as well as a pleasant scent that refers to the sweet notes of malt and caramel. All accompanied by a soft and velvety foam, which does not stick and rinses easily, thanks to ingredients of exclusively natural origin, without chemical additives that irritate the skin.

Three product lines currently developed, to which a fourth one will soon be added, which is being tested: we start with Essentials E, moisturizing soaps based on lager beer, shea butter, olive and coconut oil. Sudoral soap follows, with Sudoral-Day beer soap scented with Patchouli and lemongrass. Sudoral-Night is instead, with essential oils of cedar wood, orange peel and lavender. Both variants are based on dark beer and contain cocoa butter, avocado and olive oil, coffee extracts and charcoal. Finally, there are Fruitas soaps, which combine Lambic beers with the natural aromas of citrus, apple and cherry.

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