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Winelivery closes the year with + 600% and a positive Ebitda

700 thousand apps downloaded, 7.5 million euros of consolidated turnover

Winelivery, a beverage home delivery service, closes 2020 with an app penetration rate on the Italian population of over 1.2%, thanks to over 700,000 apps downloaded, and 7.5 million euros of consolidated turnover, 6 times that of 2019. This historical period has seen a strong increase in demand for delivery services which, given the socio-economic situation, are of great support to the citizen as they are limited in leaving their home. The company, which has been training for the "Delivery Olympics" since 2016, has managed to cope with the increase in demand by maintaining service standards in 30 minutes and in temperature, and has expanded the network to over 60 stores with express service in all major Italian cities, from Sicily to Alto Adige.

2020 was also a distinctive year from a funding point of view. The last important investment round, which ended in December, saw the confirmation of the trust of the shareholders, including Gellify Digital Investment (Gdi), as well as the entry of a small pool of new synergistic partners in the project. The collection allowed the company to find the necessary resources to execute the ambitious development plan for the four-year period 2021-2024, which will lead Winelivery to increase the capillarity and diffusion of the service.

“We still consider ourselves a startup”, says Francesco Magro , founder and CEO of the company. “This is because, as such, we have a desire for growth and set ourselves very challenging development goals. At the same time, we behave as a company that must compete on the market, and therefore be capable not only of growing at significant rates, but also of bringing profitability to shareholders”. This is what the data for 2020 tell us: the company closes with a growth of over 600%, but at the same time with a positive Ebitda "demonstrating the solidity and farsightedness of the choices made by management", explains a press release. "The startup conquers the market and brings profitability because its strategy aims to enhance the products through an exceptional delivery service in terms of time and care", continues Magro, "absolutely avoiding price leverage and working on differentiating itself from other operators on the market with a distinctive value proposition".

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