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The "Blue Cookbook" of Msc sustainable fishing is coming

Ten international chefs together for the oceans

Marine Stewardship Council (Msc), a non-profit organization that works to promote seafood sustainability through its standards for sustainable fishing, publishes the "Blue Cookbook": 10 recipes from 10 countries around the world to remind consumers to always favor sustainability so as to protect fish stocks which are a source of protein for over 3 billion people, but of which 34% are exploited beyond the biological limit.

The cookbook consists of ten recipes by ten chefs from as many countries around the world (Italy, Canada, China, Finland, England, Iceland, Holland, Singapore, Spain, South Africa) who bring the tastes and traditions of international cuisine into Italian homes. Nordic mussels with herbs and dill, hake with Cantonese glaze and Icelandic cod are just some of the recipes on offer, which are presented together with information regarding the health of fish stocks to show consumers the impact of their choices on the oceans.

Representing Italy, chef Max Mariola proposes Sardinian fregola with MSC certified artichokes and lupins and describes it as follows: "A recipe with the flavor of love for the sea, to combine the essential culinary tradition of our country with the attention to a resource to be protected, even through apparently simple gestures such as shopping".

Francesca Oppia , program director of the organization for Italy, adds: “The time to make better choices for ourselves, the oceans and the planet has arrived. This recipe book born from the commitment of 10 chefs brings seafood products from sustainable sources to our tables. All of us can and must contribute to ensuring that the fish we love is available in the years to come, by purchasing products from sustainable fishing”.

Marine Stewardship Council has been working for over 20 years to encourage people towards greater sustainability of their consumption behaviors. Through its certification program, it seeks to combat the problem of overfishing that depletes the resources of the seas and oceans, and rewards responsible fisheries that respect the principles of its standard for sustainable fishing. Its network of international partners includes scientists, NGOs, fisheries, retailers, processors and restaurants who work side by side to ensure that the seafood products we consume are truly traceable and sustainable.

The cookbook can be consulted at this link:

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