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Sustainability: paper and cardboard among consumers's favorites

Waste Watchers 2021: -11% of food waste nationwide

11% less food waste on a national scale, this is the figure that returns the Waste Watchers 2021 report on the eighth day against food waste, demonstrating how during the pandemic Italians have developed effective anti-waste strategies based on more prudent spending and more informed choices, such as those of favoring efficient and sustainable packaging. Paper is a natural, biodegradable and recyclable material that is also well suited for use in the food packaging sector. Paper and cardboard are, moreover, constant objects of research and innovation, with a view to combining more and more performance, safety and sustainability.

As illustrated by a study recently carried out by Comieco (national consortium for the recovery and recycling of cellulose-based packaging), and by the Sant'Anna high school in Pisa, innovative materials such as nanocellulose already offer guarantees of perfect conservation and a high degree of recyclability. and great application possibilities, opening new scenarios for the development of the food pack in an increasingly sustainable and circular perspective. "According to the research we conducted with Sant'Anna, 81% of Italian consumers are willing to pay more for a product if it is packaged in sustainable packaging, against a European average of 77% and, always the same research, identifies how the use of recycled materials and its final recyclability is the main characteristic of sustainable packaging”, says Carlo Montalbetti , general manager of Comieco.

An increasingly topical issue if we consider the development of food delivery which this year has accelerated processes that are already evolving, in relation to the design and innovation of cellulose-based packaging. From the doggy bag, to the pizza boxes and food bags, paper and cardboard are firmly confirmed in first place in consumer preferences. According to data from the Two Sides survey "packaging in the eyes of the European consumer, 2020", 72% of European consumers declare that they absolutely prefer paper and cardboard for their sustainability and ease of recycling.

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