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Doppio Malto launches the "sartorial" franchise

Project to help 10 new openings planned for 2021

Doppio Malto foresees 10 new openings in 2021 and launches an innovative sartorial franchising project ideal for those who want to open a place from scratch or intend to convert an existing business.

According to the Assofranchising 2020 Report, commercial affiliation boasts a turnover of over 26 billion euro in Italy, up by + 4.4% compared to 2018. Franchising is still a way for many entrepreneurs to get involved precisely by containing risks and rationalizing investments, thanks to the support of solid and structured brands. In the wake of these data, Doppio Malto is launching a new franchising formula, in a tailored version, ideal for those who want to open a place from scratch or intend to convert an existing business.

If the catering sector is one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, the idea of Doppio Malto is to offer an increasingly flexible format, able to adapt to the needs dictated by the changes taking place. A mix of craftsmanship and innovation, cut out of a consolidated idea and made to measure, which works in 250 square meters as in 800.

“With 21 clubs in business and 10 new restaurants that will open their doors this year, ours is now a consolidated reality", explains Giovanni Porcu , CEO of Foodbrand Spa, owner of the Doppio Malto brand. "Despite everything, in 2020 we introduced many new features, consolidated our presence in Italy (with 4 new premises opened during the year) and achieved important milestones such as the first opening abroad, in France. Also in 2021 we want to remain alongside our customers by expanding the offer and to do so we have chosen to open up to new partners, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to create a place in their own city, adapting to the needs of each of them and the territory. The idea of a sartorial franchising was born as a first response to the crisis: by making our experience available, we want to allow restaurateurs to reconvert their premises or open the doors of a new business to those who are entering this world for the first time to invest and get involved, perhaps coming from managerial contexts not necessarily already linked to catering. All without having to tackle important and often complicated steps on your own, such as the search for the location, the design of the room and the theoretical and operational training of the staff. At the same time, traditional development continues, with upcoming openings in Italy, growth in France, where we will open a second venue in central Paris and the debut in Scotland, in Glasgow”.

Doppio Malto proposes itself as an ecosystem that goes from the production of beer, with the two owned breweries, to the table service, passing through a successful e-commerce and a delicious cuisine strongly linked to the excellence of the Italian territory. During 2020 the offer of the venues did not change, but the brand has implemented its own platform for the take away and delivery service and an online table booking system.

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