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Vorwerk Italy: 2020 record for Bimby Thermomix

Turnover + 10%, thanks to online demonstrations

A record 2020 for Bimby Thermomix. In fact, the Vorwerk Italia food processor division closed the year surpassing forecasts and posting a 9.7% growth in turnover compared to the previous year; increase that rises to + 40% if carried over to the May-December period only. It is, the company commented, "a success made possible thanks to the rapid reaction that the company has been able to implement in response to the changes dictated by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, activating new virtual demonstration processes at the customer's home. and online ordering of your iconic product". Thought that finds practical demonstration in the numbers of activities carried out with customers: 467,000 between demonstrations, after-sales services, cooking classes, workshops and virtual courses, which have thus contributed to spreading the knowledge of Bimby Thermomix. 

At the same time, the search for new "employees" has never stopped and led the Bimby Thermomix division of Vorwerk Italia to reach a total number of 9,400 sales employees throughout Italy in December, up 21% compared to the same period of the previous year. There was also the boom in distance learning: Thermomix organized 1,500 training sessions for the direct sales network - especially virtual classrooms - which registered over 65,000 attendances (they were 9,000 in 2019). "To support this growth, once again this year we will focus on the development of the sales network - comments Lucio Trocino, commercial director of the Bimby Thermomix division of Vorwerk Italy - and we will do so by proposing entry paths commensurate with the expectations of those who want to collaborate with Thermomix. both for those looking for an occasional activity and for those who choose to make it a stable profession".

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