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Meininger's Spirits Award: gold medal for bitter at "km 0"

That is the Italian Antico Amaro delle Terme, made with local raw materials

Distilleria Deta wins the gold medal at the eighteenth edition of the Meininger's International Spirit Awards (Isw), with the Antico Amaro delle Terme, one of the flagships of the company that has been producing grappas and spirits in Barberino Tavarnelle since 1926 of excellence. Established in 2004, Isw is one of the most important international contests dedicated to the world of spirits and wines, born by the will of the German publishing house Meininger Verlag, one of the oldest in Germany. The bitterness of the Italian distillery conquered the tasting jury, which carries out visual, olfactory, gustatory and harmony evaluations of the product.

Antico Amaro delle Terme: raw materials of excellence "at 0 km" all from the territory and the skill of the master distillers; these are the winning cards that led to the conquest of the gold medal. It is one of the great classics of the varied range of products of the Deta Distillery, which also includes grappa, gin, brandy, limoncello and brandy. Antico Amaro is obtained from the infusion of herbs such as rhubarb and cinchona, one hundred percent Tuscan and aged in barrique. It is a bitter to be tasted cold after meals that is characterized, at sight, by the intense and concentrated brown color and, to the taste, by the velvety and fresh flavor at the same time, characterized by an unmistakable herbaceous and aromatic scent.

“We are very happy - underlines the general manager of the distillery, Francesco Montalbano -; for this recognition that comes from participation in one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. The preparation and experience of our distillers made the difference for the result, which would have been impossible without the support, collaboration and professionalism of the entire Deta team. We consider this success as a wonderful confirmation of the work done and as a new starting point, to always improve, as we try to do every day”.

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