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Beverage, UNESDA launches Circular packaging vision

The focus is on completely sustainable material by 2030

The Union of European Soft Drinks Associations (UNESDA) aims to make soft drink packaging in the European Union completely sustainable by 2030. The new packaging will be of the rPET type, therefore it will be a container made entirely of sustainable and renewable materials, in a circular vision that goes from the use to the reuse of the same material and both collection and recycling systems will be improved to make the whole process as efficient as possible.

“Our goal is for beverage packaging to achieve full circularity and be recognized as a resource in a circular economy. It's valuable, it's recyclable, it's collected and used as recycled content, ”says Ian Ellington , president of UNESDA and senior vice president of PepsiCo Europe. "We believe that packaging is a resource that should never be wasted and we are taking numerous actions to achieve full circularity and support the European Commission's agenda to accelerate the transition to a Green Economy," he concludes.

The planned stages of the project, which involves, in addition to the EU, also the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway, envisage that by 2025 all plastic, metal and glass beverage packaging will be 100% recyclable and that all PET containers contain at least half, in percentage, rPET materials. By 2030, on the other hand, the focus is on bottles made of 100% rPET.

According to UNESDA, the project will only work thanks to the collaboration of the governments of European nations, which can give important support, for example by investing in waste management and more advanced recycling technologies and also by disseminating more precise information on recyclability.

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