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E-commerce: Giglio Group launches the virtual assistant Sophie

Thanks to the agreement with 7Hype (marketing automation)

Nothing to do with a chat bot or an email. Sophie is the new virtual assistant of Giglio Group capable not only of guiding users of e-commerce sites, but also of recognizing and welcoming them in the best possible way during the visit to the "store". The avatar was born from the agreement signed between E-Commerce Outsourcing, a company controlled by Giglio Group, and 7Hype, an Italian company specialized in marketing automation, with the rental of a company branch of the same 7Hype (only for the market automation and with the right to future purchase after 30 months).

The help that the avatar provides to the customer comes from the analysis of their interests and their purchasing behavior over time. But Sophie can also identify common behaviors among a cluster of users, as explained by the ceo of 7Hype, Paolo Confortini: "A simple example: based on the data collected, the application deduces that usually those who buy product A, subsequently also buy product B. Then Sophie automatically proposes product B to customers who look at product A. And she does it in an empathetic way, with a smile and expressing emotions, just like a human being. The effect is quite different compared to receiving a cold email or chatting with a bot". When it comes to data, the aspect of privacy inevitably comes into play: "Our goal is not to be invasive - assures Confortini - Beyond the fact that it is the legislation itself that guides this application, Sophie's goal is only to provide an extra service to the customer, if he so desires".

The operation will allow Giglio Group to centralize all the activities and services related to marketing automation within itself, thus being able to develop and enrich its offers to customers through comprehensive and integrated solutions, collaborating with primary software (SalesManago and Sharpsring) of international standing, increasing the level of technology and the basket of commercial offers, relying on the vertical experience of the 7Hype team that will be added to the digital team within the company so as to increase the company's skills.

Giglio Group Spa, founded by Alessandro Giglio in 2003 and listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange since 2018, is today an e-commerce media company world leader in digital export of Made in Italy excellence in fashion, design, lifestyle, food and Healthcare with over 100 famous brands, 200 global platforms, 300 million users and offices in Milan, Genoa, Rome, Lugano, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai.

Photo gallery Paolo Confortini (a sinistra, ceo 7Hype) e Marco Riccardo Belloni, ceo di Giglio Group, durante la conferenza stampa virtuale per presentare l'assistente virtuale Sophie Giglio Group: l'assistente virtuale Sophie per l'e-commerce
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