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Asiago PDO celebrates ten years of success in China

The “historic” bilateral agreement between the EU and China entered in force

From 20 to 22 May, the protection consortium will be present at the China International Protected Geographical Indication Products

After a decade of activity, a long work is completed which has seen the Asiago cheese protection Consortium committed to protecting and promoting the Veneto-Trentino specialty in China. The "historic" bilateral agreement between the EU and China, signed in November 2019, which recognizes the full protection and protection of Asiago PDO in the eastern country came into force on 1 March (see EFA News article of 2-3-21 ). Since 2011, the Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium has recognized China as one of the most promising and fastest growing markets for Asiago PDO. For this reason, after the first actions dedicated to technical-regulatory adaptation, a series of activities to protect the intellectual property of the name followed in 2014. Starting from that year, the Consortium carried out an articulated promotional program to make Asiago Dop known, with the participation in important diplomatic events and trade missions aimed at meeting the main operators and importers of the dairy sector.

The consortium action continued with numerous activities, including supervisory activities, to remove from the Chinese market products in violation of rights, as happened at the Fhc China fair in 2016, when, on the recommendation of the consortium, anticipating the bilateral agreement and creating an important precedent, also appreciated by the minister of agricultural, food and forestry policies, the Chinese authorities blocked some products that attempted to usurp the brand. In 2020, the activity of the Protection Consortium in China has been strengthened, in particular in on and off line supervision. For the first time, direct checks were carried out in the country's stores and, at the same time, the checks on e-commerce sites were strengthened, successfully requesting the removal of reports of American products that improperly used the wording "Asiago” in the large Taobao shopping mall.

In a market that saw the import of cheese increase by 12.5% from 2019 to 2020, "the Protection Consortium celebrates the entry into force of the bilateral agreement with a renewed commitment to promotion", announces a note print. From 20 to 22 May, it will be present at the China International Protected Geographical Indication Products, the important event dedicated to PDO and PGI. Confirming the strategic value of this market, the Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium will launch, in 2021, with the Consortium for the protection of Asti, Consorzio Provolone Valpadana Dop, an institute for the enhancement of Italian cured meats (Ivsi) and the Verona interregional olive producers association, “Asia Enjoys European Quality Food“, the three-year promotion plan co-financed by the EU worth over 4,700,000 Euros, dedicated to promoting and enhancing the specialty in China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. “When, ten years ago, we started this path", says Flavio Innocenzi, director of the Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium, "we were fully aware of the international commercial dynamics and of the value that the presence of our product in China would have in the future. Now, after a decade of continuous commitment, we are ready to seize all the new opportunities that the recognition and protection of our original production opens up for us in the largest market in the world".

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