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Ilpra reduces CO2 emissions

The environmental mission continues thanks to the use of self-produced clean energy

Ilpra, an innovative Lombard based SME active in the packaging sector with a wide range of machines and technological solutions for the packaging of food, cosmetic and medical products, continues its plan aimed at implementing greater and more targeted corporate sustainability. The company has started a considerable conversion and updating of its machinery which, thanks to the use of sophisticated brushless motors and specially designed modern technologies, allow considerable energy savings. In addition, the Mortara site, the fulcrum of the entire production process, with around 200 resources, independently produces and supplies almost 50% of the necessary energy requirements. In this way, the company has avoided, during 2020, the emission of about 200 tons of Co2 into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, Ilpra does not generate any type of emission into the air and does not discharge any type of polluting material deriving from its production processes into the water or into the ground. Maurizio Bertocco, Ilpra CEO: “We set ourselves as a crucial objective the continuation of the path of our business model towards greater attention to sustainability. We oversee and intend to strengthen eco-sustainable business processes within all our work structures, while maintaining a constant focus on the technologies underlying our machinery. In this way we intend to act concretely to respect the environment and the territory, a theme from which we can no longer ignore and for which each of us must actively contribute".

The company founded in 1955, it stands out for its continuous investments in R&D (2.3 million euros in the last 3 years) which have made it possible to internally develop innovative packaging technologies and techniques. The ProGas technology, patented by Ilpra, is based on a work cycle that reduces the use and waste of gas and increases the productivity of the machinery. With more than 16,000 machines sold, 237 employees, a vast network of sellers and a presence in 6 countries (Italy, UK, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, India and Russia), the Group generates around 68% of its turnover abroad and directly oversees markets around the world.

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