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Sigep Exp digital edition from 15 to 17 March

Cake supply chains connected to the market with the web experience

Siamo una grande famiglia innamorata del buon cibo. La nostra ricetta? Valorizzare la filiera agricola italiana e attenzione all'ambiente. Scopri il nostro impegnoSiamo una grande famiglia innamorata del buon cibo. La nostra ricetta? Valorizzare la filiera agricola italiana e attenzione all'ambiente. Scopri il nostro impegnoAdvertisement

The sentiment of supply chain associations and master craftsmen translates the web environment into opportunities for Italian technology, know-how and taste on international markets

Internationality, skills, technology, market. These are the coordinates on which the Sigep Exp 2021 schedule will be developed, the completely digital edition of the iconic Italian Exhibition Group event dedicated to the artisan ice cream, pastry and bakery supply chains and coffee, from 15 to 17 March next. A platform designed to develop business for exhibitors and buyers, share skills and professionalism with two formats of live TV studio events, take a first step towards the edition in attendance in January 2022. The sentiment of the associations representing the guest supply chains is in balance between an international context that is still uncertain and the drive to seize the opportunities that Italian artisans and the technological supply chain can deploy on foreign markets.

"Ice cream makers - declares Claudio Pica , general secretary of Aig, Italian Gelato Makers Association - are putting all their passion into it, certain that vaccinations will make summer 2021 better than the previous one. There are two ways to go: internationalization of markets with Israel, Ecuador , Asia and North America where to bring competence and quality thanks also to the foresight of Sigep which in recent years has created an important growth path for us. And then enhancement of the professional know-how of the ice cream maker, with the creation of the 'Artisan Gelato Academy Alberto Pica' which will be presented in this digital edition".

"It is important for producers of ice cream ingredients to participate in Sigep Exp to give continuity to the work done in recent years and to consolidate the brand and the event. Ambassador of Italian artisan ice cream in the world, Sigep is a heritage that must be protected and enhanced. this moment of serious difficulty, Sigep Exp represents an opportunity to experiment with new marketing and communication tools: a digital hub to maintain a connection with the market and all those in the world who work or are interested in entering the artisanal ice cream business. We hope to obtain significant results", adds Roberto Leardini, president of UIF, Unione Italiana Food.

For Marco Cavedagni, President of Acomag, Association of Manufacturers of Machines Furnishings Equipment for Ice Cream "Sigep is the most important meeting point for the world of ice cream and pastry. The pandemic this year prevented an event with presence, but it is necessary to keep alive the connection between ice cream makers and companies. Therefore Acomag encourages the presence of associates as much as possible, believing that the organization of a virtual event of this level can also contribute to the growth of social and web communication of companies". An opportunity also awaited by the pastry supply chain. For Gino Fabbri, president of the Italian Pastry Masters Academy, "Sigep Exp is an opportunity to be seized on the fly: an international lever for new collaborations and to bring skills closer. Starting from technologies to work products in an ever better way. At Sigep Exp we will present new vacuum cooking techniques, which at 60 and even 40 degrees allow to obtain great aromas with less sugar in the processing. It is an example of how pastry has taken advantage of this year's pause to rethink and reach new quality standards. It is a first step to look at the 2022 edition, when we will meet again".

"Being in Sigep - says Giovanni Bizzarri , President of Aibi, Italian Bakery Ingredients Association - means believing in this great international event, even in such a complex moment. Aibi, thanks to its partnership with Ieg, intends to support the project, inviting all our associates to participate. The innovative digital mode scheduled for 2021 confirms, in our opinion, the importance of the event and fairs in general: despite the pandemic, companies will be able to meet buyers, learn about new products and keep up to date with market, thus opening up to new development opportunities, in Italy and abroad".

"The bakers - anticipates Roberto Perotti , president of Richemont Club Italia - will work in the 'Sigep Lab' set up in Cast Alimenti, with a very international perspective and with very engaging slots. Our superstar will be the mother yeast. We will have guests the colleagues of the Banca del sourdough from Puratos, Belgium. Of those stored there, almost 70 are Italian and we will use some types to make some types of bread. We will pay a lot of attention to environmental sustainability, with some examples of zero-kilometer production from the field to the flour, and finally we will show how to use the mother yeast in desserts, from the Easter dove to the panettone".

"Caffeine helps us to react to uncertainty - is the message of Alberto Polojac, president of Sca, Specialty Coffee Association Italia -, in an economic context that is still worrying for cafeterias and restaurants in general. The goal is to return to meet in person at the 2022 edition of Sigep in Rimini, the homeland of hospitality. The responsibility that Sca now has is to keep hearts aloft and create business and community connections. The connection is remote, we must use it to continue to disseminate, communicate, unite our community".

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