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Aldi Usa faces sustainability objectives

From packaging to bags to crates, towards increasingly recyclable and environmentally friendly materials

Aldi USA is introducing alternative packaging for perishable products such as blueberries and tomatoes, which use 20% less plastic than traditional containers, and for mixed peppers, which use 44% less plastic. In addition, the American branch of the chain is promoting recycling at home, using paper bags for more than 90% of clothing items and experimenting with recyclable and compostable paper bags for apples in some stores. The GD has never offered single-use plastic bags to the checkout counters of US outlets, but only sells reusable plastic and cloth bags, which the company itself estimates have kept more than 15 billion bags out of landfills and oceans.

Aldi in the US is also testing a new initiative to remove all multipurpose plastic bags from six stores in Richmond, Virginia. "The global impact of plastics cannot be ignored," said Jason Hart, Chief Executive Officer of Aldi USA. "We can't get rid of plastic overnight, but we continue to work to eliminate it wherever we can. Where we need it, we are committed to choosing materials that contribute to a circular plastic economy".

With the support of its business partners, Aldi has ensured that its sustainable sourcing initiative will promote human rights, increase supply chain transparency and ensure that products are made and packaged in an environmentally friendly manner.

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