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New record for Biraghi ethical solidarity pecorino

2020 sales reach +31% compared to the previous year

The ethical pecorino solidarity Biraghi, fruit of the agreement between Biraghi and Coldiretti Sardegna in support of Sardinian shepherds, celebrates the fourth year of life with a new record: compared to the previous year, sales have, in fact, reached + 31% with a production that exceeded 150 thousand kg of cheese. In the last year, the weighted distribution of the product has also increased, with a presence in supermarkets and hypermarkets in Italy that exceeds 39%, while in February 2021 the trend was confirmed positive, marking a + 36% compared to the same month. of 2020. The absolute record in the year just ended was reached in December, reaching 23 thousand kg with a + 63.7% compared to the same month of 2019.

"The trend is positive for the entire supply chain", comments the president of Coldiretti Sardegna Battista Cualbu. "After four years, the agreement, which it is no coincidence that we defined as historic, proves to be increasingly successful and as an example to follow not only in this agricultural sector. The benefits for the shepherds and cooperatives who are collaborating in the project are evident: price guaranteed minimum, stability and programming". "An agreement that grows and is strengthened also thanks to the new projects that we are putting in place with Biraghi", says the director of Coldiretti Sardegna Luca Saba. "This will allow us to extend the agreement to other local entities and grow in numbers".

"We are very pleased with the success that this collaboration is having", says Claudio Testa , marketing and commercial strategy director of Biraghi SpA. "Ethical Pecorino combines Pecorino (70%) with Gran Biraghi (30%) and gives life to a product with a delicate flavor that satisfies the tastes of consumers. But, above all, it is a product that is part of a process in support of the supply chain that has allowed us to create a fruitful collaboration with Coldiretti Sardegna and the cooperative shepherds Dorgali". "For our cooperative it was a turning point that strengthened all the work we had done previously", says the president of the Dorgali shepherds cooperative Leonardo Salis. "Since the beginning of the year we have the certainty that a part of our cheese will be sold at an already established price".

After the fresh grated typical recipe with Pecorino Biraghi launched on the market in 2017, in February of last year the Cuneo-based company and the Sardinian organization presented the ethical solidarity table Pecorino, a 150 gram slice without side rind produced with 100% Sardinian sheep's milk, with long maturation, characterized by a sweet and delicate taste and available in a package with easy opening and “open and close” zip. The initiative was developed with the cooperative shepherds Dorgali, which brings together 190 companies, with the aim of expanding the opportunities for consumption of pecorino thanks to the cut into wedges and the delicate flavor and to expand the range of sheep-based products of the Biraghi brand.

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