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Deliveristo triples volumes and closes investment round at 4.5 million

Exclusive interview with Ivan Aimo, founder and CEO

Deliveristo has developed a digital platform for B2B food delivery. The investment round is aimed at supporting the company's development plan and geographic expansion.

Deliveristo, the company that connects Italian producers and distributors with the world of restaurateurs through a virtual market, has closed an investment round of 4.5 million euros with United Ventures Sgr SpA, an Italian venture capital fund specialized in digital technologies. The equity investment completes the operation started by the company in July 2020 with a pool of other investors, including Iag, Gellify, Doorway, Seven - Angelomario Moratti, Metrica - Michele Novelli. Deliveristo adopts a drop-shipping approach (without warehouse) that allows a flexible and economically advantageous logistic management, as well as the possibility for restaurateurs to find all types of products with a potentially infinite catalog size and a single billing point. The platform, based on a cloud infrastructure, currently has over 300 suppliers and 15,000 registered products. Thanks to the multiple types of products available, Deliveristo is able to reach both modern and traditional restaurants, but also works with shops and dark kitchens, particularly prone to the digitization of food supply procurement processes. Now, with the intention of further growing and expanding on the national territory and then exporting its model abroad, Deliveristo has a plan to expand the workforce to be deployed in Rome, Milan, Monza and Brianza, Turin and Bologna. We asked Ivan Aimo, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Deliveristo to comment on this result and anticipate the next company projects.

What does your platform offer and who is it for?

Deliveristo is a platform dedicated to catering, created with the aim of simplifying the supplies of Ho.Re.Ca. operators. (Hotellerie, Restaurant, Cafè) thanks to digital. It is a marketplace that directly connects restaurateurs and suppliers (both producers and distributors), allowing on the one hand a quick and simple ordering, through a single interlocutor and monthly billing point, and on the other hand a promotion and facilitated management of orders. 

How did you end 2020, a particularly difficult year for catering?

2020 was certainly a very tough year for catering. However, we believe it was the year zero for a new type of catering, more advanced and more sensitive to issues such as digitization, optimization of processes and times used in everyday activities. We especially noticed this between the first and second lockdowns. Despite the black year, suppliers and restaurateurs today have a more open mentality and this has allowed services like ours to triple the volume of orders compared to the previous year, as well as the number of restaurateurs (+500) and suppliers (+300) who have already used the service today.

How did the last investment round end?

Very well, we closed the round at € 4.5M, which was beyond our initial target for this phase. We are happy to be able to count today on a structured corporate structure that includes one of the main Italian Venture Capital and important Business Angels clubs.

In which projects will this capital be used?

It will be used entirely to offer an ever higher quality of service to restaurateurs and suppliers, as well as to extend it to other cities where we are not yet present. Right now we are investing heavily in technology, with the aim of having a platform that is increasingly complete and efficient. In the second half of the year, we will spend our energies especially in opening our service in new cities.

Are you planning to expand the facility?

Sure. We will double the number of staff by the end of the year. For 2021, we aim to be fully operational in the main 5 Italian cities, offering a simplified working methodology to an increasing number of restaurateurs and suppliers.

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