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Sum up the digital edition of Sigep Exp

268 buyers met the companies, giving rise to 2,500 meetings and 1,250 hours of web connection

Sigep Exp, the completely digital edition (see EFA News article of 15-03-21 ) of the Italian Exhibition Group event dedicated to artisanal ice cream, pastry and bakery and coffee has come to an end. An edition organized and carried out entirely on a digital platform, awaiting the great appointment of January 2022 again in attendance at the Rimini fair. The numbers speak for themselves: thanks to the 250 exhibitors present on the digital platform, the organization of Ieg and the synergy with Ice Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, this year 300 events were offered (42 those with Sigep), which generated 25,000 streaming views. 25% of the operators came from 136 foreign countries (in particular from Germany, Spain, France, Brazil and the United States).

On the My Agenda platform of Ieg 268 buyers from 60 different countries met the companies, with 2,500 meetings in 3 days and 1,250 hours of web connection in all time zones, thanks to the assistance of a task force fielded by Ieg, with its network of regional advisors, and Agenzia Ice, which has activated 30 of its offices around the world. A networking articulated in 10 different languages. In all, 5,000 contacts and about 10 thousand messages exchanged. In addition, almost 24 million media contacts reached during the three days of the event, 138 accredited journalists and 750,000 unique users who came into contact with the Sigep brand through social channels during the opening days of the platform.

Vision Plaza and Sigep Lab have inspired connected professionals from all over the world with market analyzes together with industry experts, such as those of the Npd Group, and case histories on the one hand, and with insights into technologies and techniques for preparing products from other. Artisanal ice cream confirms the attitude of meeting the consumers' need for a healthy food with excellent ingredients, always in continuous experimentation, launched on the international front and with the prospect of arriving at real collections of seasonal flavors. The pastry shop indicates the need for continuous training and cultural refinement, to find a place in the high-end catering system as well as in that of the neighborhood company. Bakery transforms the ancestral tradition of yeast into a contemporary one, even in occasional desserts, in a combination of sweets and hundreds of Italian regional variations of bread. Coffee finds in the specialty niches the new channel of contact with customers. Packaging, communication, social media, sales channels, couriers for delivery, close the ecosystem of Horeca 4.0 outlined at Sigep Exp.

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