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DHL strengthens the supply chain

The Food & Perishable Competence Center supports the made in Italy in the international market

DHL Global Forwarding is at the forefront to support the relaunch of excellence in Italy, in a market severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Through investments in resources, personnel and infrastructures, the group intends to strengthen the supply chain and stimulate the competitiveness of Italian producers and exporters dealing with foreign markets. Speed is a key factor in moving fresh foods such as meat, cheese, fish, vegetables and fresh fruit from producer to consumer. The specialization of DHL Global Forwarding, accumulated in over ten years of experience in food transport, has led to the formation of in-house skills that converge in the Food & Perishable Competence Center, a reference point in the food industry to support the growth of the sector. "The Group is constantly working to offer the best customer experience and guarantee tailor-made solutions to customers in the sector thanks to a team of experts specialized in the handling of food and perishable products", says a press release.

“At Dhl Global Forwarding we aim to offer a valuable service to our customers by observing the specificities of some product sectors, such as food & perishable, pharmaceuticals or automotive and others. We have always believed in the importance of creating specialized internal skills in the organization that know the dynamics and peculiarities of the various sectors, so that the resulting value is always growing. We orient ourselves within a complex panorama full of activities, trying to simplify the dynamics for our customers. We follow the lead of the Deutsche Post Dhl group focused on three objectives to become an employer of choice, provider of choice, investment of choice: we want to be the best choice for customers, the right investment, a more solid and secure company for our employees”, Comments Mario Zini, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Italia.

The Food & Perishable Competence Centers allow the transport of Made in Italy food excellence all over the world. DHL Global Forwarding has centralized its supply chain through three dedicated operational logistic centers in Milan, Rome and Naples, to optimize processes and infrastructures. The cells have a controlled temperature of -20° C; +2 /+ 8° C and + 15/25° C and are constantly monitored with automatic alarm in case of deviation. Furthermore, the infrastructures are built in compliance with Haccp guidelines with certified personnel, CCTV, anti-intrusion and Tapa Compliant. The storage areas for food products follow strict safety and hygiene standards. An additional service for food companies is labeling. The producers make the goods and Dhl Global Forwarding available the label, inserting, via a laser printer, the nutritional table, and the production date and expiry date in Arabic, on each package. Another solution is that of "at home" loading and unloading of Envirotainer and Unicooler containers with active maintenance of the set temperature for air transport. The offer includes Full Container Load dry and reefer solutions for fresh and frozen products, as well as tanks for liquids and isotanks for maritime transport.

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