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Burrata di Andria Igp: EU approves change to production regulations

"No minor" adjustments that allow to further enhance the craftsmanship of the product/Attachment

The Consortium for the Protection of Burrata di Andria PGI announces that the procedure for amending the Production Regulations with the publication in the Official Journal of the European Union no. 100 of the EU Implementing Regulation 2021/484 of 16 March 2021. Therefore, all the proposed changes will be enforceable both for the correction of the errors present in the first draft of the Regulations and for the clarifications necessary to avoid different interpretations of the same. A great result obtained in a relatively short time that allows to better respond to the characteristics of the local raw material, thus allowing even small producers to be able to more easily adhere to the Control Plan, to better specify the dimensions of the apical closure (head) and the methods of manual fraying of the filling (stracciatella); the frays / lucini, in fact, will not be able to undergo breakage processes such as to transform them into a "chopped" mass, this is because the manual fray compared to a minced pasta (often mechanically) distinguishes the Burrata di Andria, allowing the cream to mix to stretched curd, giving it a unique taste, characterized by the right humidity, softness and exaltation of fresh lactic hints. All this to greater guarantee of the craftsmanship of the product, thus distinguishing it from mechanized productions.

The modification of the specification is the result of an important work carried out by the Consortium in concert with the Puglia Region, the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and the scientific director Professor Giuseppina Tantillo of the DIM of the University of Bari, "thanking them all for their commitment profuse to achieve this important result ", writes the Consortium in a note.

Today, therefore, underlines the coordinator of the Consortium, Francesco Mennea, thanks to the changes it is possible above all for small producers to be able to more easily adhere to the control plan, further enhancing the craftsmanship of the production and at the same time facilitating the consumer in distinguishing the Burrata di Andria. IGP from imitations and mechanically made products.

Attached at the bottom of this EFA News is the amendment to the Regulation published by the EU Journal.

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