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Pasta di Gragnano and Mela Val di Non enter in OriG Italy

The organization of the Consortia for the Protection of Italian GI is strengthened to face the new challenges of transition

With these entries, the number of Protection Consortia and supply chain associations belonging to Origin Italia rises to 65, representing over 95% of certified Italian agri-food productions

Pasta di Gragnano PGI and Apple Val di Non PDO enter in Origin Italy. Thus the “family” of Geographical Indications expands and strengthens with two Protection Consortia that express large numbers and recognition towards consumers all over the world: two symbols of quality Made in Italy. “With these new members we exceed 95% of representativeness of the Agri-food Geographical Indications of our country - says Cesare Baldrighi , president of Origin Italia -. This allows us to have even more strength to face the many challenges that await us both in Europe and in the world, and which in the coming days we will discuss with Minister Patuanelli: the 'battle' against the Nutri-score to prevent the adoption of a simplistic label that risks creating false prejudices on Geographical Indication products; the new CAP and the reform of the GI system and the whole issue of the Green Deal; great attention is also paid to the reform of the Consolidated Law on Protection Consortia. These two new members, whom I welcome to the home of Italian PDO PGIs, represent two strategic supply chains for the country and through their experiences they will be able to enrich the system of representation of PDO PGIs".

“The Consortium for the Protection of Pasta di Gragnano PGI adheres with conviction to Origin Italia - comments the president of the Consortium Massimo Menna -. We have long been engaged in promotional and protection collaborations with other excellent companies in the country. Our adhesion is the natural continuation of this path and contributes to a synergistic action, essential for enhancing and protecting our extraordinary food and wine heritage more effectively”. In terms of volume produced, in 2020 the denomination exceeded 90,000 tons, confirming the positive growth trend recorded in recent years. Thanks to these results, Pasta di Gragnano PGI is the 9th absolute product by value among the Italian PDO PGIs and the 2nd among those of the South.

“I am particularly pleased with this entry into Origin Italia - underlines Michele Odorizzi , president of the Consortium for the Protection of Val di Non PDO Apple -, as I am sure it will reserve useful opportunities for discussion and sharing. We intend to give our contribution with enthusiasm on the major issues and the important challenges that GIs must face. The certification also constitutes an added value for products with a brand known worldwide as Melinda, as it is synonymous with quality and highly representative of a culture and a tradition that belongs to us". The Consortium for the Protection of the Val di Non PDO Apple - which is part of the historic Melinda brand established for more than 30 years - includes the three historical varieties of apples from the Trentino area: the Golden, the Red and the Renetta, to which Fuji, Gala and Evelina are added. It is a reality made up of 16 cooperatives and 4,000 members with a production of 400,000 tons of apples which represent about 20% of the total Italian production. The geographical area concerned includes the Val di Non and Val di Sole.

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