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Elektra's digital breakthrough

New "social-commerce" platform for the Italian coffee machine brand

Elektra, a historic company known for its espresso coffee machines, is renewed. A path of innovation and change, which began two years ago, with the entry of Elektra into the Vea group, led to the launch of An integrated digital communication platform where information on products and the company coexist as well as a special section dedicated to the coffee community. In addition, a “social-commerce” portal designed in an interactive environment and in close relationship with the social channels thanks to which it is possible to purchase equipment and accessories from the home line.

The change of strategy has given rise to a new structure that affects the internal organizational sphere, the redefinition of the offer on the market and a different communicative proposal. “The portal is the expression of a current and necessary paradigm shift”, highlights Alessio Pezzoni, CEO of Elektra. "It will allow thousands of users to comfortably get in touch with the company, feel part of the community and above all choose their own coffee corner without leaving home".

“At the moment e-Shop is active for Italy but the platform will soon be extended to Europe and then to continue the expansion in the other main world markets. The goal is to include distributors in the 'People to People' digital interaction process according to the B2B2C model”, underlines Alessio Pezzoni. The portal can be navigated from all types of devices and access is simple and immediate. It will be constantly enriched with new content such as the opportunity to view three-dimensional models within virtual spaces and the ability to customize your machine.

Inside the portal there is also "Coffee Friends". An area full of ideas for coffeelover who wish to be informed and continue to know and be surprised. “The community section will be the fulcrum of the portal development”, declares Mariaelena Zanocco Mkt Manager of Elektra. “A space for experimentation, comparison and growth where you can immerse yourself in a careful selection of interviews, testimonials, e-learning contents, events and reports. We aim to create, make people understand and enhance the culture of coffee in all its interpretations. We foresee a rich schedule of 'for professionals, by professionals' contents that will be conveyed through the Elektra TV channel, a new multimedia point of contact for all fans".

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