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McDonald's will close hundreds of restaurants in the US

Thirty-year partnership with Walmart in crisis

McDonald's is closing hundreds of restaurants in the United States located within Walmart supermarkets, due to the boom in online shopping and fast food restaurants' growing reliance on drive-through aisles for sales, which Walmart venues don't offer. According to the Wall Street Journal, after the spate of closures over the next few months, there will be only 150 McDonald's left in Walmart locations, compared to 1,000 opened during a 30-year partnership. The closures also pose a challenge for Walmart, which has long benefited from increased revenues from restaurants renting space within its stores, while also providing a reason for shoppers to stay longer in stores. Walmart said it is working to find new models for its foodservice stores, focusing more on takeaway meals, delivery and joining small regional chains that appeal to local shoppers.

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