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Efsa report on pesticide residues in Europe has been published

Agrofarma: Italy European excellence for controls and quantities

"We are deeply proud, our country proves once again to be at the top in Europe - and therefore in the international panorama - for the levels of food safety, confirmed by the results achieved in terms of residues, thanks to the important work carried out in recent years. by the players in the agrifood supply chain". These are the words with which Alberto Ancora, president of Federchimica-Agrofarma, welcomed with satisfaction the results of the annual report on pesticide residues in Europe, published by EFSA, the European food safety agency.

Italy has analyzed almost double the samples envisaged by the program as a minimum requirement, and is among the countries that carry out the greatest number of checks on pesticide residues in food, showing the best performance. Of these, in fact, 97.6% were found to be safe and compliant with legal limits. The EFSA report offers a complete picture of the level of residues found throughout the EU as regards consumer products. Overall, a total of 96302 food samples were analyzed at European level in 2019, of which 96.1% were found to be within the legal limits. Italy is therefore above the EU average both in terms of quantity analyzed and the quality of the results achieved.

"The result that Efsa has published in these days is also the result of the great commitment of the agropharmaceutical industry in scientific research, aimed at developing increasingly effective products for crop protection and consumer health, and with less and less impact at the environmental level, to which is added the high professionalism of the farmers and technicians of our country for their increasingly correct use”, continues the president of Agrofarma. "The excellent data for Italy in terms of food safety and sustainability must help us to put the issues of the European debate in the right perspective: it is essential to take into account the results achieved in the various countries and what has already been done by industry and farmers nationwide. For this reason, while fully sharing the principles of the 'Farm to fork' strategy, we believe that sustainability in agriculture cannot improve through the simple reduction of chemical inputs, but only through the promotion of innovation and the combined use of all technologies available, including digital technologies, in an increasingly integrated approach”, concludes Alberto Ancora.

Agrofarma, the national association of agropharmaceutical companies that is part of Federchimica, committed to promoting the correct and responsible use of agropharmaceuticals.

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