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The circular economy enters in fast food

Comieco webinar on sustainable packaging

On the occasion of Paper Week 2021, McDonald's, Comieco and Seda International Packaging Group address the theme of the circular economy and sustainability applied to the world of catering by analyzing the scenario and deepening some best practices in catering in the direction of the green new deal. The event will take place on Friday 16 April at 11.30 am and will be broadcast in live streaming both on the Comieco website and on the consortium's Facebook page. “Returning to 2020 and the new ways of consumption", comments Michele Bianchi, Comieco vice president, "one thing is striking: according to our analyzes, the share of packaging present in the household separate collection of paper and cardboard has increased by 22%. We were closed at home, we “consumed” less graphic paper but much more packaging entered our homes and were put into the separate collection flow. This is why, even in the case of informal catering, the quality and sustainability of the packaging become more essential".

Packaging is sustainable when the consumer is enabled to carry out a correct separate collection, without difficulty or uncertainty, thanks to careful design and the use of easily recyclable materials, such as paper and cardboard. In this, the first responsibility lies with the companies that are now called to choose packaging always with a view to sustainable consumption upstream and correct collection and management of waste downstream. This scenario includes the collaboration between McDonald's, Comieco, which will guarantee the recycling of paper and cardboard packs, and Seda International Packaging Group, McDonald's main packaging supplier, in what wants to become a real best practice. McDonald's has in fact chosen to convert almost all of the packaging used in over 600 restaurants throughout Italy, including the delivery and take away channels (we are talking about about 90% of the total packaging used) by choosing a natural, sustainable and totally recyclable material such as paper.

The collaboration is part of a broader path of McDonald's which aims to improve the quantity and quality of separate waste collection through the installation of new waste containers in the halls and dehors of restaurants and to educate consumers. A 360 ° path that will lead to the ambitious goal of increasing the share of separate waste collection in order to recycle 100% of the packaging used by consumers.

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