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Bimby celebrates 50 years old

Evolution and progress from 1971 to today's Tm6

It was 1971 when Vorwerk launched the first food processor on the European market, the Thermomix which this year celebrates 50 years. It all started in France in 1961 when Vorwerk distributed the first kitchen appliance: the Vorwerk Vkm5 blender, already combining seven functions in a single mixer. At that time Hansjörg Gerber was in charge of sales in France and his intuition was inspired by one of the simplest but at the same time much loved recipes by the French: soup. Gerber, who very often accompanied sales representatives in demonstrations, one day realized that heating the water to make the soup significantly slowed down the process. In fact, there were no matches to light the gas and bring the water to boiling point and this considerably lengthened the time.

“Why not create hot water directly in the mixing bowl?”, was the intuition of the manager. Thus was born the idea of developing a food processor capable of preparing and heating ingredients at the same time. It was the combination of these two functions that gave life to Tm2000 in 1971: the first real kitchen appliance with integrated heating function, which also consecrated its name: Bimby. The temperature was in fact represented by the right knob, marked by the word “thermo”, while the speed was represented by the left knob, marked by the word “mix”.

The household appliance that has always been known in Italy as Bimby has seen a succession of important changes. In fact, seven new models have been launched since its foundation. In particular, after the launch of Tm2000 in 1971 it was the turn, in 1977, of the Tm2200 with which a larger mug was introduced, to then arrive at the Tm3000 model of 1980 thanks to which it became possible to control the temperature and mix at 12 different speeds. Its later 1982 version, the Tm3300, also saw a design revamp with the color white. Then came the Tm21 model in 1996, the first to offer an even larger mug and to introduce multi-level steam cooking thanks to the innovative Varoma. In 2004, the Tm31 instead led to two other very important innovations: the counter-clockwise function of the knife group and the first display, which transformed the Thermomix into a real high-tech accessory with a modern appearance. Until the arrival of the Tm5 in 2014 with which the touchscreen display was also born, which made it possible to use the guided cooking function and which, by connecting to Wi-Fi, simplified access to the official Cookidoo recipe platform.

In 2019 the launch of the latest Bimby Tm6 model arrived: a product with a 6.8 'bright touch screen, new cooking functions such as high temperature, vacuum, fermentation and slow cooking, new modes such as ear for kneading, turbo for grinding, fermentation to make home-made yoghurt and cheese and cleaning, which allows the robot to clean itself. In 2021, Bumby Friend also arrived, the new complementary product that works together with Tm5 or Tm6 (see article EFA News 10-11-20 ). This is possible thanks to the introduction of the new frontier of the kitchen in parallel with which it is possible to save up to 25 minutes for each single preparation, prepare larger portions and create complete menus.

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