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Pecorino Romano: the TV spot on air

With a claim that highlights the quality of the product and its link with the territory and tradition

“Pecorino Romano: European quality in its best form”: this is the claim that accompanies the spot that highlights the high quality of the product and its link with the territory and tradition. Spot that will be broadcast on the La 7 circuit throughout the month of May and of which a second broadcasting campaign is planned on the Mediaset circuit in the autumn period. Thus, the new European communication campaign for this renowned pecorino has just begun, which continues three years full of activity in Italy and Germany with a common goal: to increase the competitiveness and notoriety of PDO branded products, to inform consumers about its characteristics and spread its consumption on target markets.

“The Pekorase Italy-Germany project won third place in the ranking of the best proposals that arrived in large numbers from each of the 27 countries of the Union. An important result, of which we are proud and which rewards the path of innovation and internationalization that we have put in place”, says Gianni Maoddi, president of the Consortium for the protection of Pecorino Romano PDO. “The German market, with 17,000 quintals a year, and the Italian market with 100,000, absorb 41% of the total production of pecorino romano, which this year brought 285,000 quintals to the market. We have high expectations on this project, through which we will make Pecorino Romano in all its characteristics known and appreciated more and more".

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