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Export: India blocks Italian cheeses

Hindu fundamentalists do not want animal rennet to be used

Italian dairy exports to India fell by 60% in volume and 62% in value in less than a year. This was announced by Assolatte, highlighting that sales of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano have even dropped by 90%. The reason is the unilateral modification by the fundamentalist government of the veterinary certificate which is essential to authorize the entry of Italian cheeses into the country. An indispensable ingredient for many Italian dairy products is in fact animal rennet, which, however, cannot be part of the Hindu diet. For years it has not been an obstacle, as long as the presence of animal rennet was clearly indicated on the label. This has not been the case for over a year.

"In February last year, India decided to preclude the entry of cheeses made with animal rennet", explains Paolo Zanetti, president of Assolatte. "This veterinary certification is a problem that dates back to February 2020, and if we do not start working on a solution now, when the pandemic has finally passed in India too, we risk not grasping the recovery". For this Assolatte has asked for the intervention by the Italian Embassy in New Delhi, our competent ministers and the European Commission".

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