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Uni and EthicsGo together for ethical and sustainable labels

Agreement signed for the granting of the "Verified Claim" brand

Companies now recognize that focusing on sustainability is a strategic element to attract consumer confidence! Looking at the advertisements and labels it would seem that all companies and all products have suddenly become sustainable. But will it be true? And how to recognize reliable statements from those that are less? To clarify the tide of assertions, labels and slogans that boast the social and environmental performance of products and services, the Italian standardization body and EthicsGo (independent international institute for responsible and certified communication) have signed an agreement that provides for the use of the Uni "Verified Claim" conformity mark by EthicsGo with the aim of ensuring that sustainability claims and ethical claims are truthful and verifiable on the basis of specific technical standards and reference practices published by Uni (Italian national body of unification).

EthicsGo, as a conformity assessment body (in the phase of accreditation to Accredia), will be able to verify and validate these "ethical claims" in order to ensure not only that they are truthful but that they also take into account all those social and environmental aspects related to the topic of sustainability set out in the regulatory and pre-regulatory documents applicable under the agreement. Once the verification activity has been carried out, EthicsGo will be able to issue the Uni “Verified Claim” trademark which producers will be able to affix on their products and which will help consumers to orient themselves on the market. This trademark may be granted to claims assessed as compliant against Uni technical standards containing specific and verifiable requirements of a particular category of claim.

These include in particular the international technical specification Uni Iso / Ts 17033: 2020 "ethical assertions and supporting information - principles and requirements" which is intended for all types of companies and is applicable to all types of ethical claims relating to a product, process, service and even to an organization and which represents an important tool to bring order, both at the terminological and procedural level, in an area so delicate for all organizations and which pertains to the sphere of communication and transparency towards the market and consumers. The agreement provides for the granting of the Uni Verified Claim mark also for the certifications carried out by EthicsGo in compliance with the Uni / PdR 102: 2021 practice "Ethical assertions of responsibility for sustainable development - application guidelines to Uni Isi / Ts 17033: 2020".

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