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Brazilian agricultural production feeds 10% of the world

Whether in direct consumption, as well as as processed food or feed, a study reveals

According to a study recently published by the Brazilian company for agro-zootechnical research Embrapa, Brazilian agricultural production feeds about 10% of the world's population estimated at 7.8 billion people. The results are based on the fact that oilseeds and grains, strongly present in local agribusiness, are the basis of world food both in direct consumption and as processed foods or as raw materials for feed for meat production.

The research also reveals that Brazilian participation in the world food market has increased over the past decade from US $ 20.6 billion to around US $ 100 billion, recording aggressive growth of over 385%. Again: estimates made by the National Procurement Company, Conab, indicate that the 2020/2021 vintage will produce 268.3 million tons, a figure up 4.4% compared to the previous one, and which will ensure that the participation Brazil to world production is around 8%, compared to 6% 10 years ago. Ice from San Paolo had talked about it yesterday. 

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