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Denatality/2. Draghi: "An Italy without children ceases to exist"

In 2020, 30% of children were born less than 10 years ago

"An Italy without children is an Italy that has no place for the future, which slowly ceases to exist". This was stated by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, in his speech to the General States of Birth.

"Even before the health crisis - the head of the government remarked - Italy suffered from a worrying and persistent decline in birth rates. In the year of the pandemic it further accentuated. In 2020, only 404 thousand children were born. This is the highest number. low since the unification of Italy and almost 30% less than ten years ago. Also in 2020, the difference between births and deaths hit a negative record: 340 thousand fewer people. Today half of Italians are at least 47 years old, the highest median age in Europe", is the alarm raised by Draghi.

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