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Callipo continues to grow in double digits

Exclusive: interview with Giacinto Callipo

In 2020, turnover is up, equal to 67 million despite the pandemic, and in 2021 a jump of more than 10% is expected. Launched the new line of branded taralli.

Callipo is famous for tuna preserves, but not everyone knows that since 2016 the Calabrian company has launched a brand extension strategy with the "From our land" line including compotes, jams, 'nduja, honey, all under the Callipo brand. The latest product just launched (see EFA News article of 5/5/2021) are handmade taralli, already available in Callipo shops and in e-commerce (to then expand distribution to other channels). To talk about this news, but also about the trend of 2020 and the post-covid prospects of 2021, EFA News interviewed Giacinto Callipo, 5th generation of the Calabrian company.

EFA News: How did the idea of the brand extension come about?

Our company was born 108 years ago in fish preserves, historically characterized by tuna in oil. Considering the strength of our brand and direct relationships with other excellent local productions, in 2016 we decided to go beyond the fish market by opening up to new products and we started a brand extension operation starting with jams, with fruit from our company. agricultural and transformed with the help of a partner. The products received an excellent reception and we understood that it was the right way and decided to further expand the range with compotes, honey up to the taralli, which represent another excellence of our territory, produced by a supplier local and currently sold in the direct channel of our 3 stores (in addition to the one in the company headquarters, those open in Cosenza and Reggio Calabria, ed ), as well as on the e-commerce channel. For our taralli we have chosen to focus on highly sustainable packaging. It is an innovative packaging, which uses the SbucciaPACK® technology with easily separable plastic and paper.

Are you planning to expand the line to other products?

Other references are being studied, always with the aim of enhancing the products of our territory.

How did 2020 go and what do you expect for 2021?

We closed 2020 with a turnover of approximately 67 million euros, up 8% compared to the previous year. Considering that we distribute 60% in large-scale distribution and have a significant share in foodservice, the area most penalized by the pandemic. I would say that we can be largely satisfied. For 2021, we expect growth of more than 10%, also increasing the share of exports, which currently stands at around 11% of turnover.

Do you have any other news in the pipeline?

By the end of the year we will inaugurate the new warehouse for finished products, a project to improve and complete the tuna production lines. This is an investment of 5 million euros, which allows us to complete and make our production chain more efficient which, for contingent reasons, is distributed in three sites between the port of Gioia Tauro and the airport of Lamezia Terme.

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