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Mahou San Miguel contains the drop in sales despite the pandemic

The Spanish group closed the year 2020 with a profit of 2.3 million euros

Mahou San Miguel, a Spanish brewer, in 2020 contained the decline in sales to -10.5% in value and -8.2% in volume and closed the year with a profit (€ 2.3 million), even if downsized compared to 2019. In 2020 the company's turnover decreased by 10.5%, to 1,252.8 million euros, while its Ebitda was reduced by almost half compared to the previous year, reaching 166.3 million euros. On the other hand, its global sales decreased by 8.2% to 17.7 million hectoliters, of which 13.5 correspond to beer and 4.2 to mineral, flavored and functional water. Sales in the "Hospitality" channel fell by 36.4% compared to 2019, only partially offset by the good performance of the Retail channel (+ 10%).

The aid to the hospitality sector amounted to over 200 million euros in 2020. "Mahou San Miguel has implemented all protocols and preventive measures to protect the health and safety of its employees, ensuring business continuity. and supply to the market, respecting at all times the promise to guarantee a service to its customers", underlines a press release. Likewise, it has invested over € 1.27 million in the training of its team, especially in digitization with over 27,000 hours dedicated to this purpose. The company has also strengthened its commitment to sustainability and allocated over 14 million euros to continue to promote environmental protection and make its contribution to society. In this sense, the Mahou San Miguel foundation has supported the groups most affected by the pandemic situation and has tried to create job opportunities for young people at risk of social exclusion.

The company has also made strides in its internationalization strategy, becoming the majority partner of the North American craft brewery Founders Brewing and thus strengthening its business in the United States. Outside of Spain, the group has also developed a plan to support hospitality in 15 countries, including Portugal, Norway, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Japan.

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