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Autogrill launches veg sandwich in collaboration with Nestlé

Wowburger is born from a new partnership

It is a sandwich that contains the vegetable burger made by Nestlé and developed for Autogrill, in a special version, by chef Simone Salvini.

Autogrill in collaboration with Nestlé, which has made its experience available through the Garden Gourmet brand, has launched Wowburger: a novelty in the panorama of burgers designed to be a balanced and tasty alternative to the classic hamburger and aimed at a target of consumers always more aware and attentive to their nutrition. The new Wowburger, available from the end of May on the entire Autogrill network in Italy, is a sandwich that contains the Sensational Burger Garden Gourmet, the vegetable burger created by Nestlé and developed for Autogrill in a special version. The combination of flavors and ingredients, all strictly vegetable, that make up the Wowburger is the result of Autogrill's research and development and of the collaboration with chef Simone Salvini , a well-known face of Italian cuisine. Consisting of turmeric bun, sprouted brown rice-based dark slices, salad, tomato and a pea hummus sauce, the sandwich is an alternative for anyone looking to introduce more plant-based products into their diet.

"Autogrill, leader in travel catering services in Italy and around the world, has always been committed to identifying the constantly evolving needs of consumers and this product represents for us much more than a sandwich: it is the result of important investments in research and in the development of new recipes that combine quality, tradition and innovation", said Andrea Cipolloni, CEO of Autogrill Europe. "We are even more proud of this result, since it is the result of a joint commitment, thanks to the fruitful collaboration with Nestlé, who has made his experience available through the Garden Gourmet brand, and with chef Simone Salvini, with whom Autogrill has already developed several projects in the context of Green Lab, our laboratory for the development of new recipes and ideas for customers more attentive to the issues of balanced nutrition".

"Garden Gourmet shares a conception of cooking and nutrition in continuous evolution, which responds to the need to eat in a tasty but at the same time conscious way and represents the answer, even in the "away from home" market, to those who want vary your diet with a higher consumption of vegetable proteins", explains Federica Braghi, business executive officer of Nescafé and Nestlé Professional. "Plant-based products, in fact, are no longer just aimed at vegans and vegetarians. Many in the world have begun to follow flexible diets and to these people Garden Gourmet responds with vegetable solutions designed to maximize palatal pleasure”.

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