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Even on vacation, coffee is "a friend of the mood"

The research promoted by Isic highlights the influence of the drink on consumers

With bars and restaurants open to the public again, the desire to recover personal rituals, conviviality and old habits is growing. Like, for example, the coffee break, a daily ritual loved by millions of Italians that in these weeks returns to mark their days. A recent pan-European survey promoted by Isic (Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee) and conducted on about 5,200 consumers, highlighted the role that everyday pleasures, such as coffee, can have on mood. In the months of restrictions, even away from bars, Italians have not forgotten the sense of well-being that this drink can offer: for almost one in three Italians (28%), drinking a few cups of coffee helped to improve the mood, in particularly to ward off sadness (37%), to increase concentration (55%) and alertness in case of sleep disorders (45%). These findings confirm previous research that coffee helps improve mood when consumed throughout the day, as well as increasing alertness and focus.

Professor Giuseppe Grosso, researcher at the department of biomedical and biotechnological sciences of the medical school of the University of Catania, comments in this regard: “Establishing a pleasant routine and giving yourself breaks helps to maintain self-care. Even during times of restriction, many compatriots have found ways to break the monotony and improve mood by doing small actions like exercising or having a coffee. The coffee break, in particular, has a double beneficial effect. First of all, the holistic benefit of taking time to relax, appreciating the flavor and aroma of coffee. Furthermore, the consumption of this drink has been shown to improve mood, alertness and reduce the feeling of tiredness thanks to the effect of caffeine and the potential role of polyphenols in coffee, which contribute to maintaining a healthy brain and reducing some neurodegenerative disorders".

Consuming about three cups a day (30%), Italians enjoyed coffee especially at regular intervals to break the routine (35%) and in moments of relaxation (33%). Finally, for almost one in two Italians (44%), coffee represented an indispensable daily ritual and the best way to start the day, while 52% said they had even increased their daily consumption. The Isic investigation also confirms the combination of coffee and sport. For 30% of the participants, in fact, drinking a few cups of coffee during the day helped to find the right motivation to exercise, while for 27% it improved sports performance. These findings are supported by two previous research showing that caffeine, found in coffee, helps improve performance during physical activity.

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