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VéGé: 2020 record year, with turnover of 11.3 billion (+ 10.1%)

Giovanni Arena is the new president. Revenues in 2021 towards 12 billion euros

The first months of 2021 mark a growth of 6.2%. 370 million euro investment plan confirmed.

The Shareholders' Meeting of the VéGé Group approved the 2020 financial statements, which for the seventh consecutive year recorded double-digit growth in consumer turnover which stood at 11.28 billion euros, equal to an overall increase in 10.1% and a growth, with the same distribution network, of + 6.9% compared to 31 December 2019.

In the year of Covis, the first Modern Distribution group born in Italy (in 1959) confirmed a growth rate clearly above the sector average (+ 4.2%). With 33 principal companies and over 3,400 sales points for 2.5 million square meters. of total commercial area, the VéGé Group ranks third in Italy for the number of stores and occupies the fifth position in the Retail channel with a market share of 7%. Among the most significant entries in recent years we find member companies such as Bennet and principal groups such as Metro.

The Shareholders' Meeting also provided for the renewal of the offices in the Board of Directors: Giovanni Arena , of the Arena Group, was elected to the Presidency, taking over from Nicola Mastromartino, while Raffaele Piccolo (Piccolo Supermarkets) will join Giuseppe Maiello (Gargiulo & Maiello). Giorgio Santambrogio was reconfirmed as Chief Executive Officer. The other board members are Nicola Mastromartino, Edoardo Gamboni, Adriano De Zordi, Andrea Tosano, Valter Mion, Claudio Messina, Camilla Caramico, Michel Elias, Attilio Gambardella, Vincenzo Rocchetta and Francesco Barbon .

"On behalf of all the shareholders and their companies, I would like first of all to express my heartfelt thanks to Nicola Mastromartino for the commitment, balance and foresight with which he has honored the mandate of Group President in these nine years: under his guide, the numbers and reputation of VéGé have visibly grown, and the Group has thus been able to play a leading role in the Italian Modern Distribution scenario”, stated the new president Giovanni Arena.

The Board confirmed its commitment to continue in 2021, where in the first 6 months of the year a significant + 6.2% is achieved, the development plan defined at the beginning of the year, which includes investments of over 370 million euros in new openings, purchase of points of sale from competitors and renovations.

“I am very proud of the performance of the companies in the group, especially for the continuous commitment to guaranteeing the purchasing power of our customers. In addition, during 2020, a national promotional plan was created in favor of Italian families which guaranteed the customers of VéGé stores a saving of over 610 million euros, through appropriate promotional offers in traditional shopping and continuous discounts in online shopping, which now covers about 12% of the Italian post offices", said the CEO Giorgio Santambrogio. "There is a further reason to be proud: our entrepreneurs have internalized and concretized, in an active and generous way, civil liability and social responsibility that belongs to a large company such as the VéGé Group. During the two main lockdowns of 2020, over 2.1 million euros were in fact allocated to donations to hospitals, local health authorities, social communities and above all the Italian Red Cross. 'current year, the Group's brands, through the Io Amo La Scuola project, have given concrete help to the requalification of approximately 6,200 school complexes".

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