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Sana 2021: a preview of scheduled events

An opportunity to take stock of purchasing habits, production and packaging techniques

The agricultural areas destined for bio are increasing and organic consumption is growing: Italy confirms itself as a leading country in Europe for the sector. Sana 2021, scheduled in Bologna from 9 to 12 September, will be an opportunity to take stock of a constantly growing market and to focus on the main trends on purchasing habits, lifestyles, selection of raw materials, production and packaging techniques. Four days to make and spread culture on the biological universe, with a panel of initiatives and opportunities for in-depth study of great interest for operators and the public: from the organic revolution, the general states of organic farming to La Via delle Erbe; from the Sana tech and Sana Tea news to the scheduled conferences.

The "organic revolution" initiative promoted by BolognaFiere in collaboration with FederBio and AssoBio, with Nomisma's organizational secretariat is scheduled in Sana on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 September 2021. It is the main opportunity for sector operators to exchange views and dialogue on market and its prospects, as well as on the political guidelines at the Italian and European level along the various links of the supply chain. Inside, the presentation of data from the Sana observatory is particularly relevant, scheduled for Thursday 9 September (14.30 - 18.30), promoted by BolognaFiere and curated by Nomisma, with the patronage of FederBio and AssoBio and the support of Ice.

Another key conference is the round table on Friday 9 September (10.30-13.30) entitled "Organic between present and future: institutions in comparison" which, thanks to the contribution of leading experts and institutional representatives, will deal with strategies and actions for facilitate the transition to ecological and sustainable agriculture. Innovation and sustainability are among the main topics on the agenda for Sana. According to what emerged from the Food Industry Monitor, by the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo (Unisg), companies in the food sector that have chosen innovative and sustainable business models recorded a 4.8% increase in revenues (or more precisely the CAGR, compound annual growth rate between 2015 and 2019), against 1% of more traditional companies.

Space will be given to an in-depth study on responsible packaging in the agri-food sector. The appointment, scheduled for Friday 10 September starting at 2.30 pm and organized by Nomisma in collaboration with AssoBio, will focus on one of the decisive aspects of production, highlighting how materials and packaging techniques have an increasingly significant impact also in the choices. of consumption. Packaging, on the other hand, will be the leitmotif of the first edition of Sana Tech, the international review of the organic and natural production chain: a fair within the fair that will offer a global vision of the entire organic production process. In addition to the conference focused on agri-food, packaging will be the protagonist of a further focus, this time in the beauty field: on Friday 10 September (10.30 - 13-30) there will be a meeting dedicated to the packaging of cosmetic products, with a detailed analysis on the latest innovations in terms of sustainability and circularity. The initiative is organized by BolognaFiere- Sana Tech and Cosmetica Italia.

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