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Giuseppe Villani confirmed president of the San Daniele ham consortium

In 2020, 2.5 million hams will be processed with a total turnover of 310M euros

The new board of directors of the San Daniele ham consortium has confirmed Giuseppe Villani in the role of president. The renewal of the mandate, lasting three years, confirms the outgoing president at the helm of the consortium since 2015. During the first session, the board of directors also appointed Nicola Martelli and Alessio Prolongo as vice-presidents. Director Alberto Morgante has been delegated to institutional relations with local territorial bodies. The new board of directors, elected by the consortium members' assembly, is made up of: Lorenzo Bagatto, Alberto Bellegotti , Nicola Martelli, Massimo Montanari, Alberto Morgante, Alessio Prolongo, Marco Pulici and Giuseppe Villani.

The general assembly of the San Daniele ham consortium also approved the 2020 budget and analyzed the trend of the sector over the last year. The total production of San Daniele Dop was over 2,500,000 thighs sent for processing with a total turnover of 310 million Euros. In 2020, the production of pre-sliced product trays exceeded 21 million certified packages, of which 22% was destined for the foreign market. Compared to the total production, exports in 2020 absorbed 18% of sales. Sales on the international market amounted to a total of approximately 4 million kilograms of product, of which 57% was destined for the European Union.

The most significant shares confirm the main reference markets: France, Germany, United States, Australia, followed to a lesser extent by Brazil, Canada and Japan. Positive signals come from Eastern European countries, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, which recorded an increase in volumes compared to previous periods.

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