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Rigoni is financed with Unicredit for 10 million euros

The bank supports companies that are committed to improving their sustainability profile

UniCredit has granted a loan of 10 million euros for the sustainable growth of Rigoni di Asiago, a leading company in Italy in the jams and spreads sector. The operation is bound to the achievement of two ESG objectives that the company is committed to achieving: on the one hand Rigoni di Asiago undertakes to implement training activities on issues related to sustainability for its employees, on the other the company aims to significantly increase the number of customers and suppliers involved in sustainability issues.

Says Andrea Rigoni, President and CEO of Rigoni di Asiago: "We firmly believe that we, as a global company, must make responsible choices, develop sustainable lifestyles and use the best technology to create a balance between the availability and consumption of resources. Since its foundation, our company has been committed to respecting the environment, promoting biodiversity and the development of good practices to ensure informed choices for us and for future generations. Thanks to the support of UniCredit, we will have the opportunity to engage even more assiduously in training activities on the subject of sustainability, involving employees, external collaborators and suppliers in a virtuous process that brings tangible benefits to the entire community".

The loan is part of an innovative range of products for companies that are committed to improving their sustainability profile, in line with the action plan launched by Unicredit in support of the PNRR to support the recovery of the country by leveraging the return to consumption and digital and ecological transformation.

The new product, called Sustainable Future Financing, is aimed at encouraging medium-long term investments by Italian companies by supporting their sustainable growth plans: the bank directly recognizes at the time of disbursement a reduction in the rate compared to the conditions offered for these transactions, with subsequent verification of the achievement of at least two improvement objectives in the ESG area, set at the conclusion of the loan.

Niccolò Ubertalli, UniCredit Italy Manager, he commented: “For UniCredit it is essential to promote the development of a sustainable economic future for the country, encouraging investments by companies that want to improve their sustainability profile profilo both from an environmental, social and governance point of view. With this goal, we are launching Sustainable Future Financing today, committing ourselves to giving subsidized credit to Italian SMEs right away and helping them to seize new growth opportunities, in line with the PNRR which is a unique opportunity to improve the sustainability and resilience of the economic and production system. Italian, promoting a fair and inclusive transition".

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