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Food Systems pre-summit/2: Confeuro comments

"At the Rome summit, putting the primary system back at the center"

To fight hunger, tangible and immediate actions are needed that put the primary sector at the center, declares Andrea Michele Tiso, national president of Confeuro, the Confederation of European and world farmers. "Prime Minister Draghi's invitation (see EFA News) to act with determination to improve access to food supply at the Rome Summit on Food Systems can only be shared. But it must be followed by interventions that are immediately operational to help those who do not have enough food also due to the health crisis. It is necessary to give due weight to all the links in the food chain to find solutions to the problem of hunger that are not only partial - explains Tiso -. at the source, to those agricultural producers, especially small and medium-sized ones, who still feed a large part of the world population today. A debate that is limited to discussing the best governance models, without focusing on the daily challenges of millions of farmers, cannot certainly change the rules of the game".

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