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UN pre-summit on food systems

Idf launches the special edition of the Dairy Sustainability Outlook/Attachment

The Pre-Summit of the UN summit on food systems began yesterday in Rome (see EFA News article of 26-7-21), which will lay the foundations for the summit in September. The event, which ends on July 28, aims to disseminate the latest scientific approaches and evidence-based notions in relation to the transformation of food systems around the world, launching a series of new commitments and mobilizing new funding and partnerships. All this will be achieved by fostering a diversified commitment of the parties to discover the widest range of solutions and have the maximum impact. The International Dairy Federation (IDF) and its members are actively involved in the process.

In fact, as pointed out by the president of the IDF Piercristiano Brazzale, milk is an important part of a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet, and the summit offers the perfect opportunity to spread the concept. This is an important opportunity to promote the contribution of the dairy sector in the fight against hunger and all forms of malnutrition, to show the sector's actions in all aspects of sustainability, and to support the importance of science and innovation, as well as the significant role of food safety.

And it is precisely to coincide with the first day of the Pre-Summit (see EFA News article of 26-7-21 ) yesterday, that Idf published a special edition of the Dairy Sustainability Outlook, which provides new case studies to support the dairy sector -caseario in maintaining its commitment to sustainable development, guided by the five pathways of action of the United Nations Summit on Food Systems.

The UN Food Systems Summit (see EFA News article of 26-7-21), convened for September by the Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres , is stimulating dialogue and generating actions for the future of production and consumption food. The global dairy sector's commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals was formalized by the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam signed by IDF and FAO in 2016. The dairy sector has become dynamic and innovative to feed the world with safe, nutritious and sustainable products. Idf's “Dairy Sustainable Outlook” provide some examples of programs, activities and projects implemented by the dairy sector around the world. In a more global perspective, the industry has been actively engaged in preparing for the Food Systems Summit and has presented groundbreaking solutions that could be expanded to improve food systems, including school milk programs, the Dairy Sustainability Framework, the Net Zero, the Pathways to Low Carbon Dairy, Dairy Nourishes Africa and Protein Quality.

The production and consumption of milk and dairy products are a crucial part of sustainable food systems and are key to achieving the SDG 2030 agenda. The new edition of the IDF Dairy Sustainability Outlook includes 17 global case studies demonstrating the contribution of the dairy sector. This new edition examines how dairy products contribute to global health and well-being by providing vital nutrients in the form of high-quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals. The case studies also demonstrate how dairy products help reduce poverty and contribute to nutritional security, and how global dairy production is part of a critical infrastructure. Without dairy animals that inhabit and graze the land and turn grass, by-products and inedible plants into nutritious milk, a highly productive pasture would become an unproductive grassland and soil degradation and biodiversity loss could occur.

The Dairy Sustainability Outlook also clearly shows how dairy products are a food with deeply rooted traditions in societies around the world. The versatility and affordability of milk and dairy products allow for varied use and integration in various dietary patterns and in different cultures. This is supported by FAO data showing that the livelihoods of over a billion people are supported by the dairy sector and that those products are consumed by more than six billion people globally.

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