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Asiago Cheese Pdo says no to Nutri-score

The Consortium will not authorize traffic light labels on its packaging

The Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium announces that it will not authorize requests for changes to the Asiago PDO labeling that contemplate the presence of traffic lights or equivalent systems. Applying the tasks conferred on it by reg. (EU) 1151/2012, on the basis of which, among the various measures, the protection consortia have the right to "adopt measures aimed at preventing or countering measures that are or are likely to be detrimental to the image of the products", the Consortium Asiago cheese protection chooses this measure in contrast to a measure that it considers devaluing for the image of Asiago cheese and invites the European Union to respect its treaties and regulations starting precisely from the repeatedly stated recognition and protection of the value of quality and diversity of agricultural production.

The reg. (EU) 1151/2012 identifies agricultural production as one of the most important strengths of the Union and states that, due to its identity characteristics, it must be protected. Precisely for this reason, the consortium, recalling that the same production disciplinary of Asiago Dop is approved by a community regulation and is the patrimony of all citizens of the Union, decides to continue its protection action and not to authorize requests from operators. of the supply chain that, on a voluntary basis by the buyer, would like to modify the Asiago PDO label by contemplating the presence of traffic lights or equivalent systems. A choice that would imply, for Asiago cheese, classifications or report cards of questionable nature, issued regardless of its food and cultural value, and in contrast with the tasks attributed to the protection consortia by the same regulation, including that of "developing information and promotion aimed at communicating to consumers the properties that give added value to products".

In this decision, the consortium is alongside OriGIn Italia, the association that represents about 95% of the production of the Italian protection consortia system, recently expressed in favor of a compact action of the entire DOP and IGP system to strengthen the political positions carried out by our country, which has always opposed the introduction of the Nutri-score, as expressed several times by the Minister of Agricultural Policies, Stefano Patuanelli .

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