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Bolton: "Wild Planet Foods strategic acquisition"

The comment by Luciano Pirovano, the Group's sustainability manager

Luciano Pirovano, Bolton Group's Global Sustainable Development Director commented on the acquisition of the American Wild Planet Foods, a pioneer and leader in innovation in the US market for sustainable fish preserves. The company is recognized by leading independent sustainability organizations as the leader in setting standards for sustainable canned fish. Moreover, thanks to a national distribution, Wild Planet is taken as a reference by the most important distribution chains in the United States for the environmental parameters of companies (see article EFA News of 11-8-21).

"We are very proud of this acquisition", Pirovano told EFA News, on the sidelines of a conference within Cibus 2021. "Wild Planet is a brand strongly committed to sustainability. A brand consistent with our brands. It is a great opportunity for us to enter the American market, which is the largest in the world where, however, currently dominates a very low quality. Here dominates a commodity of the category quite pushed. For us this acquisition is a very important step and confirms Bolton food's focus on sustainability", he concluded.

Bolton will retain the Wild Planet name and invest in the continued growth of the company. This agreement follows the recent acquisition in 2019 of Tri Marine, one of the world's leading companies in the sustainable tuna supply chain.

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