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Eviosys is born: an international sustainable packaging company

Tomás López, Packaging Industry Executive, will lead the company as the new CEO

Eviosys, a company engaged in the metal packaging sector, is now a new independent company that places innovation and sustainability as a priority. The company is the largest European manufacturer of steel and aluminum food packaging, with hundreds of customers in the food and consumer goods industry, locally, Europe and worldwide.

Sustainability is the basis of the company philosophy, which presents a range of products made with 100% recyclable materials. The company will promote the development of totally green packaging, delivering solutions that help customers achieve their sustainability goals, while protecting the planet, people and communities. Eviosys, with seven design studios and three laboratories across Europe, "will strengthen its role as a leader in smart packaging solutions, offering compelling and innovative proposals to help customers stand out from the competition and seize growth opportunities", explains one press release.

It is the largest manufacturing company in the sector in Europe, with 6,300 employees, operating in 44 offices located in 17 different countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Tomás López, a manager with decades of experience leading companies in the metal packaging sector, will be the new CEO of Eviosys. López was previously the CEO of Mivisa, prior to the acquisition by Crown Holdings in 2014.

López said: "This is a very exciting time for the packaging industry. Eviosys combines 200 years of experience in product preservation and brand promotion with a focus on innovation to protect the planet. 'company throughout the EMEA area, the new launch takes on the meaning of a real change of pace for the entire sector, which will lead to smart and sustainable packaging for all".

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