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Protected typicality: EU ruling on champagne

Italy supply chain: "Good news for our excellences, now bilateral agreements to protect even beyond the EU borders"

"Finally, a clear stop to the improper, instrumental and evocative use of the names of the protected designations of origin in the EU": this is the comment by Luigi Scordamaglia, managing director of Filiera Italia, on the sentence of the Court of Justice of the Union which pronounced against the use of distorted or graphic terms to recall typical features protected by EU regulations.

The sentence comes following the appeal of the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC), a body that protects the interests of champagne producers, against a chain of Spanish bars that had used the name "Champanillo" for advertising purposes, a name that referred to champagne complete with an evocative iconographic apparatus. "Good news also for our dop economy - continues Scordamaglia -, a universe that counts 316 products between Dop, Igp and Stg for a value of almost 17 billion euros, numbers that make our country a leader in Europe". The event, in fact, has a historic significance in the campaign to combat Italian sounding in Europe in which our country is involved in all the competent offices. "This sentence - the director continues - can also be applied to the many imitations of Italian PDOs".

And he concludes: "Now the EU enters into bilateral agreements, essential to further accelerate our exports, which are already constantly increasing and directed towards the historic record of 50 billion euros, with third countries able to enforce the same protection rules beyond the EU border".

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