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The week of sustainable fishing lands in Italy

The first edition organized by the Marine Stewardship Council from 1 to 7 November 2021

The week of sustainable fishing promoted by MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) has started, which sees important retailers, brands and companies in the fishing sector gathered around a common goal: to raise awareness as many people on the importance of consuming fish products caught with sustainable practices, capable of preserving habitats and fish populations. This is the first edition of what will become an annual event. In addition to the communication initiatives launched on traditional and digital media, promotional activities will be available in major supermarkets to help consumers make the right choice.

The protagonists of the week of sustainable fishing are precisely the fishermen who choose every day to implement the best practices of sustainable fishing identified by the MSC standard. To support them, with an equally fundamental role, there are all the operators in the supply chain: from processing and marketing companies to retailers, who have the power to give a fundamental boost to sustainability through the adoption of a transparent and robust procurement policy centered on sustainability, but also by increasing the supply of sustainable fishery products available.

The great participation in the first edition by numerous actors Bofrost, Conad, Consilia, Consorcio, Carrefour Italia, Eismann, Eurospin, Findus, Frosta, Lidl, Ocean47, Rio Mare, Rizzoli Emanuelli is an encouraging sign, even if it is not yet possible. to affirm that the Italian market has reached a good level in terms of sustainable supply of fish products.

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